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Post Mortem

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Well, it was certainly a busy and successful semester! To give a little bit of context to all of you, Epoxy was our senior project in the E-Game program at Champlain College. The game was designed by Chris Rolfs and Josh Camire during the first semester of the year. We picked up some pretty amazing teammates for the second semester, and developed a very strong team which really allowed us to bring the game to fruition. The final team was Sarah Patterson as Producer, Chris Rolfs as lead Engineer, Kyle Roberts as Lead Artist, Josh Camire as lead animator, Vanessa Blokland and Cody Dwyer as artists, Trevor McEwen as level designer, Jason McMahon as our sound guy, and Jason Scott as our QA testing lead.

We had some initial troubles with art when the second semester was coming around. We faced a couple significant challenges. First, there was no real art direction in the game, and second, we needed to find a way for modular level art to exist efficiently within the game.

Together as an art team, Kyle, Vanessa, Cody and I really buckled down and redesigned our main character as well as the entire world. We put some hard work into making it through our first milestone, but we were rewarded with an enthusiastic Green Light. As the game progressed we continued to refine our art pipeline to a point where everything was very smooth. As a final product, I think it looks pretty nice!

The majority of our team is coming together again to work on a new, top secret project, so keep your eyes and ears open, and we will let you know when that comes together.

Enjoy the game!

Epoxy has finally been released!

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

After months of development, Epoxy has finally been released to the web! You can download it from the sidebar or by clicking the link below! Let us know what you think!

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Introducing Epoxy

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Hey everyone! We are currently working on a brand new game, Epoxy, as a production of our Senior Team project.

Some key features:

  • 2D Platformer
  • Map Rotation
  • Use of the Epoxy device.

The game is being built for Flash Player 10 and will be available as a free download when it is complete. After this production cycle we may eventually develop it for XBOX 360 and Steam. More on this to come!